Why are your new designs only available for purchase for one week at a time?

At this time we are only offering our new tee designs for pre-sale. Therefore, we do not want to continue to offer and advertise until all outstanding orders are fulfilled. This way, we will not get behind in our service to you since our fulfillment time is already a couple of weeks time. 

When will the new designs be released?

We try to release new designs once a month or every other month. We will use all resources necessary (facebook, instagram, e-mail) to make sure you know exactly when new designs will hit the shop.  If you would like to be sure you are notified about Same Cloth sales and products, please visit the "ABOUT" tab to sign-up for our monthly newsletter. 

Why do you only offer your new items for pre-sale instead of keeping products in stock?

We're sure you realize by now that we give at least 50% of all profit away. Therefore, we want to make the most of every single dime you spend while keeping prices as modest as possible. We don't want to purchase and print an over abundance of items and let money go to waste. After each pre-sale, we order extras so that we can keep a little stock and sell to those who may have missed the pre-sale. 

What do you do with the other 50% of the profit?

Obviously we aren't trying to get rich off of this endeavor. We do, though, have business expenses, cost of operating and developing new products to reach even more needs. Maybe one day we will be able to support ourselves with this venture, but right now we are just covering our costs while focusing on the charities.

What is the turnaround time for my purchases?

It usually takes about 10 business days from the close of the sale for you to receive your purchases. We will send you a shipping notification as soon as your items are shipped. Shipping usually takes only 3-5 business days and only 2-3 days for local orders. If you chose local pickup, we will notify you by email when and where to pick up your purchases. 

How can we see your items in person?

Want to see, touch and try on our tees before purchase? We do pop ups every once in a while around North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with where we will be next! If you know of a great vendor event we should be a part of- let us know!!

Do you offer your tees for wholesale?

We will begin offering our tees for wholesale beginning March of 2017! If you are a store owner and are interested in carrying our tees, please email us at info@sameclothproject.com and we would love to send you our e-catalog. If you do not own a store but have a favorite shopping spot, please tell them about us!