If you are like me, WWJD was displayed on your wrist in1998(ish).  If you were like some of my friends, WWJD was displayed several times on both wrists. I’ve always been a minimalist, so one bracelet was enough for me. Throughout the 90’s, if you saw the letters “WWJD” on anything, you knew it meant, “What Would Jesus Do?”  These bracelets were a fad with Christians and youth groups everywhere! 

I wore one, not because I compared my decisions to Jesus every time I made one, but because everyone else was doing it.  How many times have you done something because everyone else was doing it? This was one of those times in my life when “because everyone else is doing it” was actually a good thing! The older I get, the more that happens.  Weird, huh? ;) 

When my husband and I were engaged, we were visiting his family in good ol’ Aliceville.  You’ve probably never heard of it. Aliceville is the heart of Pickens County, Alabama. Population 2,500 (give or take a few farm animals). Aliceville makes my quaint little hometown of Athens, Alabama look like a big city! (But lets be honest, you’ve probably never heard of Athens, Alabama either). Aliceville is one of the most beautiful places in our great state and the people there are even better. 

While we were visiting, my husband’s uncle gave us a wedding gift.  It was a large, handmade wooden cross. It was rustic and beautiful! I couldn’t wait to get back to Athens and find it a proper place in our home. When he gave it to us, he told us to look at the back.  On the back, at the bottom of the cross, he had carved the letters “WWJT”.  Well, having been a teen in the 90s, I immediately thought, “uh-oh, he accidentally carved a T instead of a D….Should I tell him??

Before I could get a word out, he said, “What would Jesus think”? That day, he told us to always remember to ask ourselves, what would Jesus think? When we are arguing, when we aren’t.  When we are happy, sad, nervous, worried….In ALL of the things that life brings our way, what would Jesus think? What would Jesus think about our actions and our responses to different situations in our marriage? 

The more I thought about this, the more I loved it.  Asking myself “what would Jesus DO” seems like a very tall order.  Jesus was perfect.  In Him, there was no sin (1 John 3:5).  Can I do what Jesus would do in every situation? No, because I’m not perfect and thank goodness I don’t have to be because He took care of that on the cross. 

I also find myself wondering about Jesus after the resurrection. When Jesus was walking the Earth, not as a man anymore, but as a King.  After Jesus was dead and buried, have you ever wondered why some people were shocked to see Him again? It was prophesied again and again throughout the Old Testament. How did Jesus feel when he saw a look of fear on the faces of the people he met?  What did Jesus think when Thomas didn’t believe? (John 20:24-29) There have been times in my life that have been filled with doubt.  Does he feel the same about me that he felt with Thomas when he didn’t believe until he saw and felt? What about the two men Jesus encountered on the road to Emmaus? They told Jesus that they had HOPED this “Jesus” was the one who would save them and deliver Israel.  They were talking to the One they had hoped would save them, however it wasn’t until Jesus sat down to eat with them when they realized who he was. (Luke 24:13-32) Have there been times in your life when God was practically slapping you in the face with something, but you were too blind to realize it? When you did, maybe it was too late? What would Jesus think about that? He’s given us every tool we need to succeed here on Earth. We have it written out for us in The Good Book that we have been blessed with. 

Recently, I have been asking myself this question more than usual with everything going on around us.  Throughout the past several months, I have seen and heard things that, frankly, scare the heck out of me. What on Earth is happening in our world and what in Heaven's name does Jesus think about it? I'll tell you one thing, I'm embarrassed.  Anna and I were talking to her dad this morning and he told us that he recently read an article about missionaries. Only, the article was talking about how churches in Africa are sending missionaries to the U.S. to spread the word of God. Wow. Think about that for a minute. As Christians, we need to stop worrying about what our friends, neighbors, community groups, etc... would think and start worrying about what our Heavenly Father thinks. Anna referenced one of my favorite Bible verses in her last blog....


Spread love. Spread kindness.  Help others.  Be a light in this darkening world. 



Love and Blessings,