Camp Hope

“Grief is the last act of love we have to give those we loved.  Where there is deep grief, there was great love.”

Great love is what kids who attend Camp Hope knew.  As adults, its sometimes hard to understand that our children have the same feelings we do.  The difference is that we have the life experience to navigate through those deep emotions. Camp Hope, a one-day ‘retreat’ in Limestone County, is working to make these children feel safe, heard, and loved. At Camp Hope, it okay to laugh and be silly. It’s okay to be sad.  It’s okay to be scared or even angry, because the mission of this camp is to help these children learn to deal with these emotions in a positive way. Each child is paired with a “buddy” at the beginning of the day.  These are volunteers who selflessly give their time…maybe because they’ve been there before, but mostly because they realize the impact that just one day can have on a grieving child. Throughout the day, kids and their buddies play games, read books or sing songs, make memory books; and at the end of the day, each child has an opportunity to write a note to their loved ones and send it up on the end of a balloon…a truly lovely act, that for some brings closure or a small sense of peace.  Death can be scary for kids and at Camp Hope, these children begin to realize they are not alone.


Camp Hope is a division of Hospice of Limestone County, so this camp fully depends on donations, grants, and gifts to make camp a free, full event for campers.  We were recently approached by our longtime friend and Camp Coordinator, Emily Sandlin, to “update” the Camp Hope tees. We immediately said yes because of our love for this local mission. In the days leading up to turning over the new logo to Emily, we were told that funding for these shirts fell through. So we knew that we needed to help.

 Camp Hope shirts are usually only given to those who serve or attend this camp, but for once, you'll be able to purchase your own Camp Hope tee! Each purchase provides a camper with a tee of their own. 

We have had so much success with our “give one” campaigns that we are bringing it back! Buy a shirt for yourself, purchase one for a child who will attend, or both! Seems like a win-win in our book! Camp Hope has between 50-70 campers so please join in helping us put a shirt every one of these children. Giving a child a shirt to wear and take home is a small way to remind them of this very special day.

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If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering or signing up a camper, visit and click “Camp Hope”.  Registration ends Saturday, June 2.