The U.S News ranks Holland eighth in the category of "Quality of Life".  It's not top 3, but considering there are 195 countries in our world, I'd say that's pretty good. 

When I first read the Holland poem that Sarah shared in her blog earlier this week I remember thinking "Really?! Italy?!  I'd much rather vacation in Holland."  

Maybe your "Holland" is actually someone else's "Italy". That's pretty much what happened with my friend, Grant. 

It's safe to say most people have the long term goal in their life to find someone and settle down, one day. Most people

Grant actually avoided that path for some time until God hijacked his GPS and set him on the right route. 

Here's his story...



Nope. It’s not for me. I’m too selfish. I like things a certain way. I want to go to a concert every
night and I don’t like people telling me what to do. I can’t handle being interrupted and I’m an only child, so it’s always about me. I’ve been told I’m not worthy of someone else’s love.  I don’t
want to share my time. I… I... I...


Why would I think love and marriage was for me? Past relationships revealed my shortcomings, as though my thorns and bruises were displayed on a billboard. The movies and the glossy
magazines tell us it’s supposed to be a certain way… over this candlelight dinner… over this morning cup of coffee… over this romantic getaway… along with the perfect soundtrack and studio lighting.
Unfortunately, there’s layers of stage make-up, and often times the record player skips. But no one tells you that. That’s the part you have to figure out on your own.


Maybe being alone is the path for me. Maybe the idea of ordained ministry is the right plan and pilgrimage instead. Maybe I’m not supposed to love someone, but instead serve
with the sacraments of God’s love for us all. Maybe the rocky roads I’ve traveled before
will give way to soil that’s fertile for something of my own choosing. I’ve got this plan figured out.


When you’re listening too hard, you can’t hear anything. That’s been my experience, at least.
And when you anticipate, when you believe you’re in control, when you think you have it all
figured out, you’re going to miss what you’re looking for. If I hadn’t been disappointed in the
past and hadn’t learned the lesson of the teachable turns in the road, I wouldn’t be able to soak in the destination I never knew I wanted to visit. And not just visit, but to stay.


First dates always come with butterflies, and sometimes dead flies. But my past told me I
needed to put down my own map and stop steering away from the path that’s laid out before me.
My past told me I’m not the only one with the thorns and bruises. Some are inside, and some are outside. But when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and be the person God has created you to be, you realize all the pebbles of the past that find their way into you boots have made your feet more tough. And it makes the journey, and ultimately the destination, more rich with love that can only be from something bigger than us.

I needed a recalculating. My journey, while not the one I imagined for myself, is filled with
attractions I never imagined I would love. Or ever see. The site of the finally positive pregnancy test. The sound of a daughter screaming along to “I Am The Walrus”  and the smell of the other
one’s hair covered in spaghetti and ice cream. 


While the other journey may have been good and fine, it was not my journey. To think you can control your journey is a bigger laugh line than you’ll find in a sitcom. We may have our hands on the wheel, but we need to do a better job at asking for directions.

On Oct. 17, 2008, I did.




Maybe your Holland isn't something shocking like a death or diagnosis. Maybe your Holland is a beautiful relationship that changed your course or a child from another womb that was chosen to complete your family. 

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