Frumoasa si Lubita

In choosing charities and organizations to partner with, Anna and I look at several things.  The very first shirt we created, "Beautiful and Beloved" was designed to benefit The Well House in Birmingham, AL. We felt as though human trafficking was an issue worth talking about. You hear a lot about global trafficking, but after doing some research I think we were both shocked at how prevalent human trafficking is in our sweet, southern state of Alabama. 

Several weeks ago, I got a call from my husband’s aunt. “Aunt Meg” told me that she and a group of 7 other ladies from her church, Shades Mountain Baptist Church, in Birmingham, AL were about to embark on a mission trip to Moldova.  Moldova is a small country surrounded by Romania and Ukraine.  It is a primarily a source country for victims of human trafficking. It is estimated that 1 in every 100 has been trafficked to date. Moldavian victims have been identified in more than 40 countries in the Middle East. 

As Aunt Meg and I were talking about this trip, I knew what she had in mind. These ladies want to take women in Moldova Beautiful and Beloved shirts. The only problem is, they do not speak English.  So after speaking with the interpreter, our very first shirt quickly became “Frumoasa si Lubita”, Beautiful and Beloved in Romanian.  The mission group wanted to make sure that at the end of their trip that these Moldovan women know their worth.  They will leave them with these shirts as a reminder. 

While there, the mission team will working with women who have been trafficked and are with children now.  Many of these women have been ostracized from their families and need work.  They will also be working with women and girls who are at risk of being trafficked.  The mission is to provide a means to make a living so they won’t be tempted by prostitution to make money.  The mission team from Shades Mountain will be teaching these Moldovan women sewing and cooking lessons. In addition to helping these women domestically, they will also be spreading The Gospel.  They will be traveling with the theme “Fruits of the Spirit” and each of the 8 ladies have selected a Biblical woman to share with the Moldovan women. 

Please join Same Cloth in praying for these women and their mission.  They will be leaving June 9th and returning on the 18th. They are currently taking donations to purchase sewing machines to take and leave with the Moldovan women.  If you are interested in helping this team, please let us know at