No Boundaries

The Merriam- Webster dictionary defines border as a “boundary”.  So I hopped over to the definition of boundary and it says this,

“Something that indicates or fixes a limit or extent.”

We see “borders” or “boundaries” everywhere around us. You’ve seen the obvious ones when crossing state borders with signs emblazoned with welcome wishes and explain why their state is so great.

Even more obvious are the borders that line countries making sure citizens of each stay on their respective turf. Some are natural boundaries like oceans or lakes then there are some made by man’s hand like walls or fences.

But the ones that are even more dividing are the invisible borders. Whether they be within our communities between social classes, school districts, or churches. Or even on a grander scheme of religion, race and gender.  Watch the news for 30 minutes and you see that most of the dissention and crime in our world is rooted with division. Boundaries. Invisible walls we put up around us.

I realize that genders, races and religions aren’t going to just go away. Our separate countries aren’t going to all peacefully mesh into one giant nation before Christ returns to this Earth. I’m not completely delusional.

But I do get frustrated when it seems that we are more concerned about keeping everyone in their respective “territory” while also boasting about how great and green the grass is on our side of the fence.

Christ calls us His body. He doesn’t call us His estate. Bodies work for the good of the rest of the body. Bodies are held together by muscle, bone and veins that all serve a purpose to sustain the rest of the body. Estates are divided by hedges, fences and walls to differeintiate what is mine and yours, right and wrong, better and worse.

The most well known verse of the Bible is John 3:16.

“For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son.”

No boundaries. No borders. No hedges. No fences. No walls.     


Until we find life on Mars, I believe that covers pretty much everyone. Am I right?

I’m not saying that God says “EVERYBODY’S IN!”  What I truly believe God is saying is,

“Everyone is invited”.

His blood was our ultimate gift. It was shed for all. Not everyone will accept this gift. Some will notice the gift as it was dropped off on the front porch and leave it there unopened. Some will tear open the contents and then reject the precious gift inside and move on to something else.

But the people I worry for the most, are the ones whose addresses and houses that the postman can’t find. The poor souls who never get the chance to see the gift, know that it’s there. The ones who will never hear about Him and the love He has for them- to be told that all they need to do is accept this good and precious gift from our Savior to experience and live an abundant life despite their circumstances. The ones who do not even have the chance to reject it or accept it.

This month we have decided to go global.  We recently heard from some precious friends about the amazing work they are doing by winning over souls for Christ in Latvia.

"Friends of Latvia" is a group that was founded by a few members of the United Methodist Church.  The idea came while on a mission trip.  Latvia, located on the Baltic Sea, first proclaimed it's independence in 1918, but was quickly occupied by Soviet Russia.  Independence was finally regained in 1991. Out of a population of about 2.3 million, it is estimated that only about 50,000 individuals are Christians.  "Friends of Latvia" built a youth camp on land purchased in Latvia and has been in operation, helping Christians there spread God's love throughout their poverty-stricken nation. From this camp, 12 active United Methodist churches have been founded throughout Latvia.  

In giving the proceeds from this shirt to "Friends of Latvia", it is our hope that we will aide in spreading God's love to those who may have never heard the Good News. 

What boundaries are you putting around your love?

Is your love limited to a certain kind of personality, race, gender or religion?

Or is your love tearing down walls and boundaries?

Love and Blessings,