Pass it On

Last week we held a giveaway for our "Love Thy Neighbor" shirt. We had lots of people sharing the shirt with their friends on social media and tagging friends they thought would love the shirt as much as they did. 

One entry, though, stood out from the rest. A high school student from Florida named Maya responded to our post and said...

"I would love to give this shirt to someone. There's this girl. Her name is Adena. She's really nice to me. I don't have a lot of friends, and a lot of people don't talk to me much. But everyday she sends me proverbs, Bible verses, and encouraging messages. She's always telling me how precious I am. And she's just an overall genuinely kind sweet person. I can't afford to get her anything for Valentine's Day. I just paid senior dues. But I would love to give her something that would mean a lot to her. She's absolutely amazing."

Before we even saw this post, we had a customer and friend message us that she wanted to make sure Maya got that shirt for her friend. We argued that we would send the shirt on our dime, but Laura insisted to pay for it. She said that if we wouldn't let her pay, then she was going to donate in Maya and Adena's honor. That's just the kind of person she is. So we let her.

Saturday morning, we mailed Maya two shirts. One for her friend Adena and one for herself. We asked Maya if she would share a little more about her dear friend and this is what she sent us...

"Adena was always that girl in class that everyone was kind of drawn to.

She still completely is.

I'm always friendly but people seem to always find something wrong with me really quickly and tend to stop being my friend.

Adena is one of my mom's patients at her job (she works at a doctor's office) and it so happens to be she is also in my culinary class. She is honestly the biggest bundle of sunshine in the world. It's so hard to find people who are genuinely sweet and genuinely nice, and believe me she's one of those people.

She's always the person that as soon as she sees me she hugs me and asks how I am. Shes constantly sending me bible verses and encouraging messages to help me keep going. Adena, has honestly been such a great inspiration to me. I consider myself a good person, and I consider myself very nice. However, I'm not always positive. She continues to see the bright side even when not having a good day. She's such a sweet caring individual and a lot of us can learn from her.

With a bright smile and her sweet words, she's able to make ANYONE'S day."

Adena and Maya proudly wearing their "Love Thy Neighbor" shirts. 

Adena and Maya proudly wearing their "Love Thy Neighbor" shirts. 

Adena, we can definitely all learn from you. Spreading love and truth to those around you at your age is a gift that can only come from above. You may never know how much impact you have on so many with your kindness, but we hope you realize now how important you have been in Maya's life. 

Maya, you may not feel loved by everyone around you, but we know that the One who created you is absolutely crazy about you. We are thankful that Adena takes the time to show you that truth through her kindness. Do not ever doubt how valuable you are. May you always see the beauty in those who are kind to you and appreciate those acts of kindness like you did this week.

What's even more awesome is that this story doesn't end here-

On Monday, only two days after we mailed Maya and Adena their shirts, we had someone reach out to us asking if there were some way we had any samples of the "Love Thy Neighbor" shirts left over from our photo shoot. She had a friend whose birthday is today and she wanted to gift this shirt to her friend knowing that she is a perfect representative of Mark 12:31. She didn't want to wait until the preordered shirts arrived, and we couldn't blame her. We had 2 shirts left and one was the exact size and style she needed.

You know who that friend was?    Laura.   

Our photo shoot last week was themed as "Random Acts of Kindness".  We left flowers around downtown Athens, on tables in The Square Clock Coffee Shop and on car windshields parked in front of stores, with cards letting them know how much God loves them. The cards indicated that they were a recipient of a Random Act of Kindness and encouraged them to find a way to pass it on. 

Photos courtesy of Carla Lawrence Photography

Photos courtesy of Carla Lawrence Photography

Adena, Maya, and Laura are all perfect examples of passing on love without even knowing how they are all connected. 

God moved them to love and they were gifted with love in return.

It's not karma.. it's God. And Ashley and I are so blessed to get to sit back and watch these God moments unfold. 

We want to do the same for our neighbors at Tent City. Help us by visiting our shop and purchasing your shirt, or a shirt for a friend, today! Not only are you supporting and loving our homeless community, but you will be spreading an important message every time you wear your shirt!

With every purchase we'll also be including "Random Act of Kindness" cards for you to leave around in your own community, letting those who find them know how precious and loved they are. Be part of a positive impact in our world when hate is so prevalent. 

Love and Blessings,