Mary & Martha

As women, if we are being completely honest with ourselves, most of us read this passage and say..

Yep, Martha. I get it…You’ve got The Lord coming into your home. Jesus. The Son of God. I cleaned for six hours last Friday when I had my supper club coming over for dinner. But, Jesus? If He showed up at my door? I’d be doing the exact same thing girl. Don’t you feel bad for that!

Because if you read this passage from Luke, it does seem as though Martha is wrong.  Jesus flat out says to her, “your sister has chosen better”.  

Then on the other hand, there’s Martha’s sister, Mary.  Calm, cool, and collected.  While Martha is scrubbing their pots and kneading the bread, Mary is at the Lord’s feet. Listening. Waiting. Watching.  If that were my sister, I’d be giving her the evil eye and throwing dish rags at her head. 

Mary seems to have it all together. She’s got her priorities in order and she's ready. 


It’s funny though, in talking to people over the past few weeks about this passage in Luke, I have found that those that identify with Martha wish they had more of Mary’s qualities. Likewise, those that identify with Mary, feel that they need to be more of a “Martha”.  But doesn't the Kingdom of Heaven deserve both? 

Think about this for a minute..Are you and your best friend exactly the same?  The answer is most likely no.  If I think of my relationship with Anna, best friends since 6th grade.  There are very few times we have actually agreed on things. Now, I’m talking about the small things. Trivial things such as food, clothes, whether or not we should work out at 5:30am on a Monday….Those type of things. But, the big things? The spiritual, moral, path-guiding things, we will always agree on.  These are the things that relationships are built on.  Relationships that are built on the big things will stand the test of time. 

Mary and Martha were both very devout followers of Christ. We have to remember that just because Martha wasn’t sitting at Jesus’ feet with Mary, does NOT mean she loved him any less.  This Bible verse shows us a great example of service.  Martha is fulfilling a need, but Jesus reminded them that Mary was truly putting the most important need first.  The need for fellowship and sense of communion with Christ.  


This month, as you have probably already read, we have chosen to partner with The Neighborhood Center in Camden, New Jersey.  Having personally worked with this organization, we have truly seen that those volunteering their time there, meet every quality seen in Mary and Martha that Luke laid out for us.  Not only are these volunteers feeding the children of Camden physically, but they are also feeding them spiritually

Our goal is to raise enough money this month so that we can be "Martha's" and meet a physical need for these children so that the teachers at the Neighborhood Center can be "Mary's" and focus on their emotional and spiritual needs.

Help us! Every "Mary", "Martha" and "Same Cloth" logo shirt purchased will provide a child at The Neighborhood Center with a "Precious In His Sight" shirt. Want to provide a shirt for more than one child? Add the "Give One" listing to your cart and you can provide shirts for as many children as you like! 

We can't wait to surprise the children with these shirts, to remind them just how much Jesus truly loves them! Visit our shop now to fill up your cart with some agape love!