you complete me

“You…you complete me”  


And everywhere- girls’ hearts were melting and guys’ eyes were rolling as Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger made romance movie history. 


Isn’t that what every female wants to hear? What we all want to feel?  Completed? Is it too much to ask? To have a significant other that makes you feel complete and whole?

Actually, it is. It’s an awful lot to ask of someone, to be honest. 

We’ve all learned the hard way at some point that man (husband, wife, mother, father, child, sister, brother, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend) will let us down. At some point in our lives, if not already, we will be heartbroken by someone to whom we have given our whole hearts. To whom we have placed full trust in. And if we are all truthful with ourselves, we have or one day will be the very cause of another's heartache. 


“It is better to take refuge in the Lord, than to trust in man.” Psalm 118:8


Man is incapable of completing us.  Complimenting us- absolutely! Completing us- no. Even the most Godly couples, the tightest knit of families and the best of friends go through dark times. We are human and we are imperfect.

This month, after reading an article on human trafficking in Birmingham, we have decided to use our first shirt design to benefit The WellHouse. While praying over this ministry and the people they are serving, this verse kept revealing itself to us.

“I will betroth you to me forever. I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion.” Hosea 2:19

Even though Israel had been unfaithful, delighting in their wealth and worshiping idols, God reaches out and reminds His people that if they just come back to him, he will still be there with open arms. All will be healed. Forever.  

When we suffer heartache, when man has let us down and we feel broken and alone- His arms are open. When we stray away from our Heavenly Father and lose sight of true importance- His arms are still open. 

He was and still is madly in love with His people. Sure, He was heartbroken for their waywardness, but He was and still is willing to forgive. He longed to betroth Himself to us, to be in communion with us so much that he endured mockery and beatings. He carried that heavy splintered cross and he endured an agonizing death for us.  

And somewhere Jerry McGuire is slowly backing his way out the front door.

Our mission this month is to spread this message to the precious souls whose lives and bodies are being sold. Who have been told a lie about their worth, about what love is. But this message is not limited to victims of abuse and sex trafficking. This message is for us all.

Do you know how absolutely beautiful you are? Do you know that you are beloved? That you are priceless? That Christ longs to complete you like no other human can?

Well, you should. And this is where the inspiration for our shirt comes from, to remind you of this each time you look in the mirror. You are beautiful and you are beloved by the One who created you.

Help us spread this message! Here are ways you can help:

1.     Buy a shirt!  20% of the purchase price goes straight to The WellHouse. Included in your package will be an addressed envelope and card for you to share some words of affirmation and hope with the residents of The Wellhouse. Purchase them here.

2.   Wear the shirt! Take a selfie and tag us on facebook & instagram! When people ask you about the shirt (and we know they will!) share with them this message and about The WellHouse and human trafficking. These shirts will ship by or before March 14, just in time to be your Forget the Frock tee!

3.     Buy One Give One! Want to do even more? Purchase a shirt for a WellHouse resident so that they can be reminded of this wonderful truth! There is an option in our shop to “Give One”. Enjoy free shipping when you Buy One Give One by using the code BOGO1012


Love & Blessings,