our mission

Anna has had this mission on her heart for a very long time.  Over the past six months, she has mentioned little things here and there that lead me to believe something was coming.  I prayed for her and I waited. I knew God would do great things.  I was in my Sunday School class when I got the text message.  I felt like God was winking at me as I read it. “I have a proposition for you”.  It might as well have been God saying, “Here. I told you so.”  From there, it was seamless planning, as if we had been working on this for years….

    For the past few years, our church has participated in “Forget the Frock”. Last year when I got my t-shirt, it was like putting on a piece of cloth that had been knit together by divine hands. It was incredibly soft, loose, and best of all, it had a Bible verse printed on it.  Not only was it absolutely wonderful to wear, but every time I looked in a mirror, I was reminded of Christ’s love. Win-Win. Recently, Anna and I have noticed that these cute, soft t-shirts have become quite the trend. (Praise. The. Lord.)  Gone are the days of old college t-shirts, field day tees (teacher problems), 5k shirts, and whatever else that is made of cotton that you can dig up from the bottom drawer of your dresser. Y’all, t-shirts are the new black! We found several shops selling inspirational and Christian t-shirts and a few that sold t-shirts and donated money toward causes. It was hard, though, to find shops that married the two concepts together.   Anna suggested that we design some inspirational t-shirts and use the profits to give back.  From that, Same Cloth was born. Every decision we make is centered around what we can do to further the Kingdom of God. It is our desire to stand behind the cross and let God work through us.  What an awesome opportunity to be able help those in need AND dig in to The Word and learn more about God! Again, win-win. 

    As Anna said, we hope you will join us on our journey.  We plan to release a new shirt design each month in correlation with a cause that has been laid on our hearts. In our blog, you will read our thoughts, prayers, and devotions.  It is our prayer that something you read or see will spark something inside of you.  We want to lead people to Christ and if we touch one person throughout this mission, we will consider it a success.