Cup Runneth Over

One thousand dollars divided between 5 different charities just for October. It was definitely the best month our little project has had since "opening its doors" in February. With the overwhelming response came overwhelming work. We were shocked (as were our suppliers and printer) by the amount of shirts we had to order, sort, print, ship and deliver. 

There were shirts to be returned to suppliers for blemishes, mixed up orders, shipping malfunctions.. you name it- it happened. Several times Ashley and I would ask ourselves, "Can we handle this? Our plates are FULL!" 

Ashley teaches school full time at a local elementary school. She may not admit it, but I hear she's pretty darn amazing. She was even nominated for teacher of the year recently. She pours her heart and soul into her children. With that and a cute & feisty 2 year old, I'd say she stays pretty busy. She uses her spare time at night when Ada's snuggled in her bed to summon what is left of herself to help manage this project. 

I spend my days tending to 2 crazy children, preparing for our 3rd little bundle due in March and teaching the music class at my children's preschool. You'd think I'd have oodles of spare time, but I'm a sucker for anyone who puts the word "volunteer" into a question directed towards me. I'm a "yes woman", I admit it. I'm definitely more flexible during the weekdays, so I try to tackle the day to day business details of Same Cloth while Ash is busy molding the future of our country. 

Sometimes we wonder if it's crazy to take this on because our plates are so full. 

Then we remember the relationships we have made throughout this journey. The spiritual growth we have had while studying scriptures to find just the right verse or meaning for a design. The tears shed with those who we met at The Fiddler's Convention when telling them of a cause we support and it touched a special place in their heart. We read over handwritten notes from the non profits benefited from the sales and the videos of children thanking us for their t-shirts we were able to donate to them. 

It's then that we realize that our cup runneth over. 

A dear friend of ours gave a talk once about priorities. She described what all men, women, dads, moms, students, business people face on a daily basis- a full calendar and a never ending to-do list. She challenged us to look closely at our "to do" lists. How many things on that list are truly important? God gave us an innate ability to decipher what is between what is a true priority and what is just another meaningless task to frustrate and overwhelm us. Her suggestion-

"Don't let your to-do list get in the way of your priorities."

Yeah, I'm 3 episodes behind on "This Is Us". I desperately want to shut this computer off and catch up on them right now while Vivi naps and Liam out on an adventure with his daddy. But as much enjoyment as that show gives me, it's definitely not a priority. These causes we support, the products we make and the community we've built are the priority. It's a daily battle. To separate my to do list into what gives me pleasure and what gives me life. The pleasure of the t.v. show ends with the credits, but the life and blessings that this venture gives me will last forever. 

This month we though it was very appropriate to support The Full Tummy Project. This non profit packs and delivers bags of food to over 175 children at 6 different schools every single Friday. Since the children are assured at least two meals at school during the week (breakfast and lunch), they wanted to make sure these underprivileged children had a bag full of something to eat throughout the weekend. For each shirt sold, we will be able to cover the cost of one bag for a hungry child. 

Buy a shirt to monetarily support this worthy program who are helping to end childhood hunger. Purchase the t-shirts here.

Wear the shirt to raise awareness of this program and it's awesome mission. Take a picture share it on Facebook and Instagram and tag us to help spread the word!

If you are reading this I pray you realize how overwhelmingly blessed you are. I pray you have the ability to prioritize your "to do" list and focus on what's really important. 

"May your plates be full, only because your cup runneth over."

Love and Blessings,